I’m a student living somewhere west of Japan, and this is my online notepad.

What you should expect here
Sparse, random, eclectic posts about topics mostly related to (modern and ancient) Japan and Japanese Studies. The semi-public nature of this blog forces me to organize these notes into something resembling a coherent system, which makes it easier for me to get back to stuff that I consider interesting.

What you should not expect here
Up-to-date news coverage of Japanese politics, or society. Deep analysis. Thoughtful, probing essays. Impassioned commentary. There are other people out there who are way better at this than me, anyway. Also, no pictures of scantily-clad Japanese females. No visual kei. Very little anime. You see where I’m getting at.

miscellanea nipponica is not in any way, shape or form associated with Monumenta Nipponica.




RSS Japan News

  • Empress Michiko turns 83, calls ICAN's Nobel Peace Prize meaningful
  • Social media blamed for crimes against youths
  • Major eruption may occur at Mt. Shinmoe: experts
  • Nissan to suspend shipments
  • Miyazaki police to arrest man in ice pick slaying of manager of diner
  • Tokyo teacher warned for paying student Y1,000 to teach class
  • Yakuza used takkyubin to send stimulant drugs to woman in Aomori
  • Ibaraki police: Woman whose body found in love hotel was beaten
  • Shinjuku's Golden Gai attempts to cope with surge in graffiti
  • Huge cave found under surface of moon

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