Japanese Diaspora Studies

Two quick items of interest for anybody who cares about the phenomenon of overseas Japanese diaspora culture(s).

1. An upcoming symposium at Düsseldorf’s Heinrich-Heine-Universität.

“Diaspora” is a concept which is paid more and more attention to within the current discussion of cultural and sociological studies. By global migration, transnational economic cooperation and cultural self-assurance the awareness of cultural differences has become more noticeable. Within this context the multicultural discourse broaches the issue of cultural diversity and the cohabitation in a modern society. Because of this the concept of “Diaspora” becomes more important. The pejorative connotation of former times is eclipsed by new positive aspects of the idea. In the new discussion, Diaspora means a position between two or more different cultures and is revealed as the new paradigmatic life situations in times of globalization.

The symposium, which will feature, among others, Harumi Befu, will be held on Oct 3rd, 2007. Check out their Website.

2. (via Frog in a Well), here is an interesting article by Nobuko Adachi in Japan Focus on the issue of Japanese-Peruvians in Peru, the United States, and Japan.


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