Tessa Morris-Suzuki on Japanese Immigration to North Korea

Reputed Japanese Studies scholar Tessa Morris-Suzuki has posted a video blog at myspace.com that introduces her Japan Focus article on the penomenon of Japanese immigration to, of all places, North Korea:

Between 1959 and 1984, these few were among the 93,340 people who migrated from Japan to North Korea in search of a new and better life. There were several particularly ironic features of this migration. First, it took place precisely at the time of Japan’s “economic miracle”. Secondly, although it was described as a “repatriation”, almost all those who “returned” to North Korea originally came from the south of the Korean peninsula, and many had been born and lived all their lives in Japan. Third, the glowing images of life which tempted them to Kim Il Sung’s “worker’s paradise” came, not just from the North Korean propaganda machine but from the Japanese mainstream media, supported and encouraged by politicians including key members of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

While the article itself is very interesting, I’m also pretty intrigued by a scholar from my field using new technology to promote her work. I know of few other Japanologists who even write a blog, let alone a vlog.

via I, Shingen


1 Response to “Tessa Morris-Suzuki on Japanese Immigration to North Korea”

  1. 1 nagaijin September 5, 2007 at 12:29 am

    Good for Ms. Morris-Suzuki. She’s done some solid research and now she’s getting the message out.

    “I know of few other Japanologists who even write a blog, let alone a vlog.” You’re telling me. Not only do they not write blogs, but many are openly contemptuous of those who do, as if “real” research only appears in little-read academic journals.

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